Friday, February 24, 2012

Jive Cats project ideas

So by now you are well-versed in my lack of sewing ability. True story: I wanted to be a fashion designer for a long and desperate time in my youth (ages 12/13 - 19? yup..)
Until one, fateful day... I made a... Discovery...

I can't sew.

Okay. So I could learn to sew. I know... But right off the top, I really did not have an affinity for it. At all. That was a big sign. It was one of those things where you face the music. Did I want to use drawing as a means to an end, the end product being my clothing design? Or was drawing itself the end product? Once I looked at it that way, it was a total no-brainer. (I draw, therefore I am!)

I think about it NOW, and it is just about impossible to imagine ME as a women's wear fashion designer! Whoa bizarre alternate universe! Hello, not in THIS lifetime! But that said, drawing clothes, designing clothes on characters, depicting fashion and style within my illustrations and with characters... now that is something I LOVE to do!

So (back to lack of sewing expertise) despite this pesky little detail, I still have have more ideas than I know what to do with... I am still totally project-inspired by my Jive Cats and I'm still thinking up all kinds of cool projects one could use Jive Cats for, whether sewing or non-sewing crafting projects.

Here are some of the Jive Cats ideas I came up with. These are for those talented little pretties who CAN sew. :D. Hey, who am I to hoard my ideas for projects just because I myself can't execute them? If you have the inspiration and the ability and the drive, by all means please go bananas!

When I have a bit of a coffee/scribble break, I'll come up with some more and post them here.. :D
XO Kathy


Lance Klass said...

Very cute artwork!

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks Lance! :D

Monica Lee said...

I think these are adorable!! You don't need to sew...someone else can take your musings and create...these cute scribbles!

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks Monica!

(I definitely need to do some more scribbling!!)