Monday, February 27, 2012

Round up: Fabric designs

Caught myself lingering on the Fat Quarter Shop site today. I saw so many thoughtful and inspired fabric designs I just had to blog 'em out. Looking to be bitten by the inspiration bug? See below.

Sesame Workshop - Red Tonal Elmo

I love the "Andy Warhol" -type effect when it is done creatively, and this iconic Elmo print has got it going on. Paired with other elements like the super-trendy stitchery, the distressed texture, the monotone, everything adds up to a fresh and modern take on Elmo. (Check out this Jolly Jabber blog post to see Red Tonal Elmo paired with a couple other prints that really add up to a WOW statement!)

Heather Bailey - Fresh Cut (Mums)
I bought an eyeglass case created from this fabric a few years ago. So, while the fabric design may not be fresh from the mill, it sure is evergreen! The soft palette is both vintage and modern in the same breath. I love to see these shades of green used together, and for an artist to find 'a place' in a palette to allow that blue-mauve color to sing prettily without becoming overpowering is an admirable feat! The design of the flowers seems simple, but they are juxtaposed harmoniously and
not too symmetrical. All of this equals= I love it!

Amy Schimler - Fly Away Home
Hey, I love every Amy Schimler fabric collection I've ever laid eyes on, but how cool is it to see her working in a little bit more of a modern graphic style? I love seeing her designs interpreted in this way - really flat colors, really detailed, clean lines. It is another winner. Love her palette, too. Here is a lavender that is on the blue side, mixed in with some hot pink and some magenta— a color combo I crave often (no wonder I'm drawn to this one)! The pops of saturated, orangey-yellow are just right. Super-cute owls, birds and butterflies—what's not to love? This one also comes in a teal colorway.

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