Sunday, February 26, 2012

Town Tails Puzzle Process... part one

In 2010, I joined The Sketchbook Project 2011. From the themes that were available, I chose "Raining Cats and Dogs". How lucky I was to find a theme so perfect for me. The Town Tails "Community Bridge" puzzle art actually began as a pencil drawing in my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. Then, it turned into a Rapidograph ink pen drawing....And, ultimately, it found new life as a gigantic, 20 x 27, 1000 piece puzzle. (What a dream come true!)
Here are some process images of the creation of the art.

Free Samples detail- pencil (traditional)
Free Samples detail- ink (traditional)
 Free Samples detail-ink (computer)
 Free Samples detail- final

One place I have always wanted to see my art used is in big, busy puzzles. To be actually now DOING big busy puzzles for people who embrace googley-eye syndrome from studying teeny-tiny details is truly serendipitous!

Lemonade Stand detail- pencil (traditional)

Lemonade Stand detail- ink (traditional)
 Lemonade Stand detail- ink (computer)
 Lemonade Stand detail- finished

I'll have another Town Tails art process post soon.

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