Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Draw Something

A friend recently told me about this totally amazing, fun app called Draw Something by OMGPOP. It's like Pictionary but you're playing against one friend at a time, on your phone. Once I started, I instantly got hooked! Now, I can't stop playing. Well, I guess I can long enough to tell you about it.
Below are some screenshots I took of some of my game drawings.


Rihanna (and her umbrella -ella -ella)



Lady Gaga


Draw Something is a great quick-thinking exercise in conceptual thinking which helps me in my work because it is like a little burst of jumping jacks for my creative brain. Hey look–I just legitimately justified playing a game on my phone! And you can too!

Anyone can play! You do not have to have artistic talent to play. There is no pressure! That is really part of the fun!! Seriously. I'm not kidding, it is cool for everyone and anyone, and I love a game that is not intimidating to people who don't usually draw!! It's great!! That is one of the most awesome things about it.

Just dive in! It's so much fun.
If you DO give it a try, please invite me for a game.


Laura Zarrin said...

I want to play!!! I'm buying an iTouch this week or next. When I do, we'll play!

Kathy Weller said...

Awesome Laura! I will be on the lookout for your invite (and CONGRATS on your future iTouch!!)