Saturday, March 03, 2012

a scissor story

Funky Town Brown colorway ( with song to match)
One teeny tiny little detail I left out of my inability to sew story is my relationship with the scissor at large. I have always had troubles with scissors, ever since I could hold a pair. I cannot cut a straight line to save my life. This has always been an impediment. I am the epitome of scissor-challenged.

Here's my theoretical breakdown as to why:

25%: left-handedness
20%: small, crab-like hands with big knuckles
30%: complete inability to cut a straight line
25%: irrational, paralyzing fear

SO... I received some of my fabric from Northcott. The fabric arrived in large, one-piece swaths. I needed to break them down into single yards in order to send the fabric off to people who have the magical talents to transform them into stuff. (From now on, I will refer to these people as genius sewing fairies.)  I dreaded this task. All week, every night, I wondered how on earth I was going to section it out without butchering it beyond recognition. I had no idea how my poor fabric would fare under Kathy Scissorhands.

here's some "Sassy Pink" for ya (with a little sassy pink to go with)
Today, it was time to face the scissors.

I broke out my scissors.
chorus meow meow "Thank You, Dear Scissors"

Unexpected fork in the story road coming up >
I happen to be one VERY LUCKY "unlucky scissor person". I happen to have  am blessed with! cue birds singing!  one pair of scissors I love. They are the only pair of scissors I have ever found that did not punish me for thinking I had the gall to cut with them. They are the only pair of scissors that did not immediately go to "diagonal war" with me, the minute I opened the blade. In short, these scissors love me back. I bought them years ago. We have a great relationship. They opened my world to some genuine scissor harmony. (This post is dedicated to them.)

But of course there is a tiny wrinkle to this happy scissor story. There is a BIG, big difference between cutting a few inches of a ribbon and cutting a piece of 42" fabric clean and straight. So, while my scissors typically come through in the clutch, you don't even want to know what happened the last time I tried to cut such a large piece of fabric. (Oh wait, I did tell you part of the story... But I left out the part where I slowly and savagely scissored the fabric into an assymetrical mess. It was an innocent mistake.. )

(REAL end of story)
between my dull, friendly scissors and my dining room table: Guess what? Success!! Lucky for me, my fabric, AND my happy old scissors, there was something else working in our favor. My dining room table features removable leaves! When I separated the table a bit at one of the seams, it created a channel that guided the bottom scissor blade to do a mostly-straight-cutting job! Happily, I did not make any major cutting errors. That's right, each piece of fabric did not end up a jagged, diagonal mess. There will be no asymmetrical hemlines in my future. Thank. God.

I will send off my fabric to those Genius Sewing Fairies!

I am SO excited.... I cannot WAIT to see what they come up with!
To see more of Jive Cats collection, please visit my Jive Cats Fabric set in my Flickr photostream.


Stephanie Fizer Coleman said...

I too, am a horror with scissors and I blame in mostly on being left-handed :) But my mom started teaching me to quilt this year so she bought me a rotary cutter and mat and it's amazing. Even I can't screw up cutting my fabric now!

PS-lovely fabric collection!

Kathy Weller said...

Thank you Stephanie! Another person also mentioned the rotary cutter. I actually bought one years ago, but it never worked for me as advertised, LOL. I should give it another shot, buy a new blade for it and try try again. :D

Kathy Weller said...