Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Tail A Day. A life in glasses.

Do you remember the Goody Two Shoes kids in school? Did you qualify as one yourself? I was never a textbook GTS... But, you know what? I did eventually get saddled with glasses!

I got my first pair at age seventeen. Can you even imagine a worse time of life to get glasses? This is also before there were even remotely cool frames... or, more likely, it's just that it was before I found my own glasses style. (When you wear something on your face, it's kind of an intimate relationship.) That said, my very first pair of frames were big, roundish, oversized, translucent peach jobs. Something my mom would wear. Which makes sense, since she helped pick them out.

Finding out I'd have to wear glasses was a HUGE blow to me. For one, there was the vanity issue. I was seventeen and was finally becoming un-hideous. So... my big prize was glasses. Aside from that, I had always had a real splinter in my pinky over glasses. Up to this point in my life, I had prided myself on my excellent vision and I somehow felt I was 'cooler' for not needing glasses. (Why? It's complicated!)

So, I cried and cried over my new glasses. I mourned my 20/20 vision. It also took me awhile to accept them living on my face, so I didn't wear them much at first. Then came a time when I needed to see distance better on a regular basis (college) so I started wearing them more often. This is also when I started to find glasses that suited my personality better.

I discovered my "glasses personality" in the discount frames section of For Eyes. The frames I found that day were my first "soul mate" frames. They looked very similar to Mr. Six's frames, but this was before he came onto the scene. (Oh my gosh... I also had a shaved head then too... which means...Whoa... Did Mr. Six copy me?!?) Anyhow, those frames pretty much sealed my glasses-personality fate. And then, once I started wearing them for some things, I enjoyed seeing clearly instead of seeing fuzzy halos. So I started wearing them all the time... and eventually, we became inseparable!

Since then, and many frames later, me and glasses are totally tight. And, since I won't touch Lasik, our relationship is not going to change any time soon. I'm sure my history with glasses is one of the reasons why I love to draw them. They deliver so much personality, they are fun to draw, they help tell the story of a character without any words.. I don't think glasses will ever become extinct... well, unless we all become robots, or evolve into super-human vision. But even then, wouldn't you miss the magic of putting on a pair of cool, cute frames? I think I'd cry.

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