Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cats, purses and shoes

I am totally living under a rock right now, but I was SO thrilled to get this amazing package in the mail the other day full of Jive Cats items that I couldn't wait to do just a tiny bit of show and tell for you.

Awhile back, I ordered a bunch of stuff designed and sewn up by the fabulous Julie Bravo (Simbiosis / Petite Maison). I love what she has done. I will post more in the future but here is just a little tiny peek at this awesome clutch bag!

How funny is the Jive Cats iphone case peeking out of the Jive Cats bag? If you would like to get creative and create your own facsimile, Fat Quarterly Shop is carrying Sassy Pink colorway (do a search for "jive cats" at fatquartershop.com to see/buy it) but I've heard they don't have the Funky Town Brown colorway, so I'm going to have to look around to see who is carrying it to pas it along to you. So please stay tuned on that score.

Found some of the brown colorway at felinedrive.com
Found some more brown at Ericas.com

In OTHER news...  Check out my new shoes... Meow!
Irregular Choice shoes

I bought these just for Surtex -- I wanted to have something with a little bit of POP and PUNCH to wear. How amazing that I came across these shoes - these go a 'step' further and actually support my story and my mission of world cat (and dog and cute character) art domination!
It was serendipity... These shoes... perhaps they found me?

These will be the first and maybe the last pair of shoes, with actual whiskers, I will ever have... unless someday the Jive Cats get made into shoes. (Which I could totally see, by the way... Converse, you listening?) If that comes to be, I'll have more! Fo sho! But for now, these are it. Got a couple cute new dresses too, but I'm going to wait to show you any of those..  I must not let that cat out of the bag, for now.. tee hee.

Ok, back under the rock I go! 'Til later...


Redheaded Stepchild said...

Cute purse and I totally love the shoes (how are you going to be able to walk in them??)
Good luck getting your booth ready!

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks Red! I am hoping the shoes will be ok - the test run went fine! So far, so good! Thanks so much for your wishes!! :D