Friday, June 22, 2012

A homemade coloring book

This weekend, I will be spending ample time with my four-year-old ballerina friend Solveig. I want to have plenty of fun creative things for us to do together, so I made this coloring book for her.
inside front page (color print) and first coloring page

 I used a ballet theme for most of the inside coloring pages. Since the recipient takes ballet classes, I am pretty sure we will be "on the same page" with the theme!
another coloring page

Something personaized is always extra-special

Everyone likes to "see their name in lights", so to speak! I included the recipient's name in some of the printed pages. It is a small detail and I know she will be delighted!

For a few of the pieces of art on the coloring pages, I tried different colored outlines instead of brown, just to punch things up a bit... and what young lady doesn't love pink and purple?

Back cover

I covered the front and back covers, both inside and outside, with art prints I already had lying around. I picked out a few that I thought were just right for the recipient. I used Glue Stick to adhere the prints to chipboard covers. Then I pressed them into place with my trusty bone-folder. It was easy as pie and makes such a nice addition to the book.

Front cover

Let's hope she loves it. :D  I'll report back!

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