Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This Instagram lightbox of thumbnail images is a cool idea that I first saw on Yadira's Crafty Adventures blog (Thanks for the inspiration, Yadira!). If you are an instagram user, you can screenshot a page of your photos. It's basically a timeline of Instagramming as little thumbnails.  So simple, yet so much fun to share in this way! Of course, I scribbled and doodled all over mine here (I can't help it, don't you know!) I'm liking Instagram a lot these days. Want to download the Instagram app to your phone and join me?


Yadira said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the mention, I just LOVE Instagram. I'll be posting your interview in the blog later tonight or early tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to answer it. Have an awesome week!

Yadira said...

DONE!! You can read it whenever you like.