Sunday, August 19, 2012

All about Pout

Pout  ©Kathy Weller / WellerWishes
• Pout • Make-up in Electra • 
Here's a few pieces from my new flashy, dashy group of art called Pout. I am so inspired by young women and this collection speaks to that fleeting, stardust moment in a young lady's life when she is  discovering fashion and make-up as a tool for creativity and as a source of self-expression. It's such an important moment... and it is SO much fun! Do you remember?

Pout  ©Kathy Weller / WellerWishes
• Pout • Girlie Heads • 
So many of the things that continue to move my heart these days are the same things that I formed a very deep connection to when I was very young. (hello, Kitty!) I think this holds true for other objects in our daily lives as well. Especially things like cosmetic goodies, which have such universal female rituals attached to them... so you know where I am going with this... think secret lockets, fairies, butterflies and a padlocked diary with a heart-shaped key! :D

Some items hold strong memories, nostalgic connections that really bring us back to that age when we began experimenting with finding our own "style"... Seems superficial, of course, but it is not! Having fun with fashion and style and different looks is so very important because the experimentation is important to evolving into our adulthood.... Plus, it's also creative— hey, you are painting, but on your face. And, you can just wash it right off with some soap and water and have a blank canvas again!

Do you remember your first nail polish, or your first lip tint or eye shadow? The packaging often so pretty and ornate, and the pieces themselves were tools of creativity themselves.

Pout  ©Kathy Weller / WellerWishes
• Pout • Make-up in Peach Puff  •
So... Pout is all about playing dress up - Being the star in your own show... Having fun, embracing your inner (and outer) Glama Girl, and just "trying it on" to see what happens! 

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