Friday, August 03, 2012

Family Photos

This illustration is near and dear to my heart. It has SUCH such nostalgic value for me. I did this back when I was studying art licensing as a career option way back when, and this was one of my first designs I did specifically with licensing in mind that I really felt that  "a-ha" moment when you know you are on to something good!

 I love the concept — the cats in picture frames, the stories the photos tell,  and then the 'larger picture' the image also tells (are they a family?). You do see variations on this idea here and there these days. But when I first did this piece, I had not seen it anywhere else myself and I knew I'd done something really unique.. So that is a little bit of a point of pride. :D

Anyway, I reworked the concept earlier this year. I tried it out in another medium, and also with a bit of a different focus and execution. It just goes to illustrate how much this concept still speaks to me. I think it's got legs, there are places you can go with it. Years later, this particular execution, I can tell now, is a bona-fide sentimental favorite of mine.  I really never get tired of it. I like to tell an open ended narrative with one piece, but also do something decorative at the same time—something you'd want to look at every day, something you can find something new in, over and over again. That, really, is what I love to accomplish! High fun factor, no boredom factor. Makes me happy! You can check out Family Photos on stuff here.


Carol Eldridge said...


I remember when you first came to me for art licensing consultation, you had this small group of illustrations of cats and dogs. We talked about all that these illustrations could be for product designs. MMM, maybe I was really on to something way back then? I told you!

Kathy Weller said...

Hey Carol, why yes, you certainly did give the concepts your seal of approval didn't you! :D