Monday, August 06, 2012

First day of Ballet Week!

The Magical Powers of the Tutu on Society 6

Today's the first day of Ballet Week on my  FB page . 

 So, the all-important question: WHY am I doing this?  I wanted to do something to mark my recent reconnection online. I also wanted to do something to encourage more growth. And last but not least, I also just wanted to do something nice for you, and it is nice to have the chance to win art stuff!

 I've been posting just about every day for a couple of weeks now. I also recently opened a Society 6 shop which I'm really proud of and excited about, and I hope you are enjoying seeing the new stuff in there every day.  I have been sharing SO much new art with you guys that my head is spinning (in a good way) . I will soon be doing a larger post on all the WHY'S, because they are compelling, and they are meaningful. I've had a sort of seismic shift in HOW I'm doing what I'm doing... and, yes, the WHY'S are mixed in there too. And you know how much I like to share my experiences with you guys. So that is in the pipeline, I promise, we'll get to that.

But this week, I am throwing some tutu-shaped confetti in the air and having a BALLET PAR-TAY and inviting you all to it! So please come by to my FB page, and please LIKE the page to be entered in a larger giveaway at the end of the week. All LIKERS will be entered to win a bunch of fun WellerWishes art product stuff (and I do NOT want YOU to miss out! I want to make sure you pop in there and enter!) 

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