Saturday, August 04, 2012


This one says it alll..... what is not to love! I am pretty much addicted to my Starbucks. I used to roll my eyes at my friends' admissions to Starbucks addiction. Well, here I am, years later, and completely a slave to my beverage of choice. I do love the Clover machine, I also love a decaf iced Americano. But my all-time favorite beverage is a venti iced green tea latte: soy, no classic (sweetener), 6 scoops of matcha. Yes I am addicted. I am completely whipped. Maybe that's why I made a nice matcha-flavored zebra background to this piece, tinged with the glowing, rosy pink of my happy heart and cheeks when I have a freshly made iced green tea latte straight from Starbucks. (By the way, they're good hot too, but only with skim, not soy. The soy gets sweeter when it's hot and it unbalances the delicate formula for blissful sipping.) Art print, iphone case, laptop.ipad skin, t-shirt available here

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