Friday, August 10, 2012

Last day of Ballet Week - Grace under pressure!

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 I love this piece because it makes me think of grace under pressure. The Olympics are still so fresh in my mind.. I watched as much of the gymnastics as I could and they continue to wow, shock, and  amaze. I don't know how they do it, but how ever they do it, they show that things are possible that we might not think are possible. They are the ultimate in "seeing is believing". They blow me away. I appreciate their art so much!!

This is the last day of Ballet Week, so loyal reader, please, please make sure to enter into my Ballet Week giveaway and Like my FB page to enter. It's that simple (and I want you to win! :D ) I'll be drawing names later on this evening, and I will announce the winners here and on FB shortly thereafter.

So what was my inspiration for the THEME of Ballet Week? Here's TWO of them..

This statue is only a minute from my front door. The statue sits in front of the Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre. This ballet theatre and school is right next door to me. I so greatly enjoy seeing all of the ballet dancers go in and out all the time. Sometimes, when I'm walking into the Square, I see the dancers all dressed in their footless tights and light skirts and buns and ponytails, some wearing light ballet slippers, rushing to get to class. It brings a smile because not only is ballet a beautiful sport, but they are rushing to do something they love and, that brings me a lot of joy and happy good karma feelings.

Here is the SECOND inspiration...

This is my good little friend Solveig. She takes ballet at Jose Mateo. I think it is so fabulous that she enjoys ballet so much, and the kids are all so adorable in class! What more inspiration do you need?? This Ballet Week art was inspired by all of them, and , in some ways, it was created for them, too.

I hope you have enjoyed the week! Thanks for joining me.

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