Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A high achievement for an iphone case

Hot Pink Owls ©Kathy Weller
OMG Hot Pink Owls Are So Cute! by ©Kathy Weller >Gift your iPhone

Happy Wednesday. Wednesday is hump day. Hump day is aptly named, being smack in the middle of the work week. And who among us doesn't need a little "pick-me-up" in the middle of the week? (Well, I can speak for myself.... Starbucks... Amazon... Kettle Bakes!So to that end, here are a few bright, cheery, sassy and fun pick-me-ups, just for you! These designs  are 'hot off the press' and now available in my Society6 shop.

Designing for iphone cases so aptly sums up my philosophy Art For All. It's one of the reason I love designing for them, aside from the fact that it's SO fun to have something cute on your iphone. It's an item you use every single day. There are such incredible possibilities inherent in applying art and design to transform such a highly-used, functional lifestyle product into something that transcends it's physical functionality and reaches for higher goals—inspiring, meditative, motivating, or maybe even calming and centering. (We might not even realize that designs on product can wear all of these hats! Isn't that amazing?) The smart phone is probably the most-used contemporary everyday product, and to me, that makes it one of the perfect blank canvases of our time for self-expression, self-reflection or just beautiful, fun, humorous adornment that lifts our spirit. I will look at my phone 200 times today. How many times will you look at yours? How about some irresistibly cheery, positively mood-enhancing design? It's humbling to think that a little iphone case can reach such high achievements..

You're so PURSE-onable by ©Kathy Weller
You're so PURSE-onable by ©Kathy Weller >Gift your iPhone

Some of us collect shoes. I collect purses. I cannot get enough of them ( matter how hard I try.) As time has passed, my collecting habits have shifted, too—from 50's-60's era hard-cases and 60's-70's basket-style purses, to 40's-50's era decopaged bags with bakelite handles, I even went through a pretty back-pack phase (Le Sportsac hello!) and now here I am in my grown-up totes phase (I favor Simbiosis by Julia totes and the Loungefly line of Hello Kitty totes ). Yes, I still collect purses... You simply can never have too many! They're functional, they're fun! :D

Here's a true confession.. In my home, there are several "unofficial" designated "rest-stops" for my bags. The reason they are "unofficial" is because I have never (..ahem) um, verbally declared each of the spaces as a de facto open-air purse closet, which is what they have become. Yes, my husband is the most patient man in the world. (But... shhh, but I also think he doesn't really mind seeing them everywhere... they're so colorful, fun, happy, and full of character.)
 So, seeing that toning down the purse-collecting is sort of a 'goal'.. of sorts... (...ha ha... hmm), this oh-so-PURSEonable design could not be more timely: it offers you many cute purses to enjoy in one place, and the only real estate they take up is on your iphone. Perfect! If you love purses like I do, this one is for you.

 This design is also a part of my Northcott Jive Cats fabric collection, which you can shop for here