Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pretty please... Don't waste my time

Is it possible to be mannerly but to still be truly honest and forthcoming when the situation calls for it? I think so... and that's what I —and most people, I hope— strive for, on a regular basis in our own personal situations. But, sometimes, you just need to get to the point, right? No sugar-coating. Just tell it like it is. Especially when your well-mannered pleas seem to fall on deaf ears... but that's another story for another day, isn't it. :D .

Well, that's the feeling that inspired this illustration Pretty Please. But, I wanted to deliver the message with a tiny bit of sass. Not "sweetened up" per se, just devoid of any overt sour notes. Maybe even served up with a cute wink (and a little dash of lip gloss.)

Pretty Please, do NOT tell Daisy I said what I said.
Personally, I think it's a much easier pill to swallow to see the sentiment writ larg with cute little lady kitty cats all over it being silly (the toe-tapping and dramatic sighs are  practically audible), than it is to actually verbally deliver this type of message to someone who might need to hear it... (or—GASP—to be on the receiving end yourself! Eek, now that would be no fun!) You know what I'm saying? (That last bit would never happen.. I just used it for argument's sake. ;D)

So, maybe this art deserves its own sticky note set. That way, you can leave one on someone's chair when someone pops out for a cup of coffee... Hypothetically speaking, of course!  But, until then, the art IS readily available and thoughtfully designed on a few choice items here at my S6 shop.

I am particularly happy with this iphone case. Ok, ok... I'm actually trying to downplay my feelings about this iphone case so as not to sound like a crazy-type person. But r
eally, I gotta be honest, I am nuts about it. What can I say! How cute is the little lady kitty cat applying her lipstick? I personally think it's right up there with a picture of my Daisy. Ok, now I didn't say who would WIN the contest... if there ever WAS a contest.. which there is most definitely NOT... that would be impossible, unfair. And besides, Daisy would kill me for just the comparison alone! I mean, one is a cute living furball who lives on my lap, and the other is a drawn living furball who lives in my sketchbook. I'm just saying that they are both in the same BROAD, OVERALL league of cuteness...

Anyhow, I guess what I'm really saying here is that this Pretty Please iphone case may very well be the iphone case I give to my future new iphone.. Now there is a lot more of my art to be designed onto iphone cases (and other stuff!) until then. But,  for NOW, this one is in the top spot. ;D

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