Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Witches' Wardrobe—Part One

First, I came up with the 
concept of the witches' wardrobe by sketching out ideas. My sketches are sometimes pretty sparse-looking— sometimes, they aren't much more than a few gestural lines, even. But when I'm sketching primarily to get an idea out to use in another medium, it can look like a really rough sketch to the rest of the world, but it's as though I have a secret decoder ring. So, though it does not look like much to someone else, it's a road map to something that I already have in my head working, and I have a good idea as to how I will fill in the blanks of the empty spots later on.

Then, I pieced the concept together into one cohesive composition that was way, way smaller in resolution and in size, but was the same scale as the finished puzzle. The purpose of this step was to show the concept without doing more detailed work than necessary at this point.

Part two tomorrow...

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Natalie Timmons said...

What fun to see the evolution. The concept and execution are awesome. I can't wait for part two!