Saturday, September 01, 2012

Don't worry about your neighbor, worry about YOU.

I once had a teacher whose favorite line was "Don't worry about your neighbor. Worry about YOU."  It turned out to be great advice, as I've never forgotten it. I guess you could say it's haunted me all my life. Hee hee.

There are SO many outside influences and distractions these days. Whether we ask for it or not. I don't think anyone is really immune unless they live in a log cabin in the woods with no internet or TV. We are so conditioned to being overly distracted now; it's the norm!

I'm not here to argue against the phenomenon. I admit that a LOT of good has come out of our social media, wikipedia culture for me, as well as for so many people I know and the culture at large. Dare I say, it can actually be good for you! It's totally opened me up to learning new things, new ideas, new experiences, and gaining new friendships. So, no complaints here!

But there does come a time to lock the door, turn off the internet, take all the little sticky notes and post-it flags of ideas all over the place, and just get busy. I have to constantly stay on top of myself to stay focused; it's the kind of thing that needs constant work. So today I am SEIZING the DAY! My goal is to stay focused. Excellence cannot be consistently accomplished by checking email every five minutes. :D