Sunday, September 09, 2012

How to store a partially-completed jigsaw puzzle

What do you do when you have yet to complete your jigsaw puzzle, but you find yourself in a pickle,   temporarily needing the space of your dining room table? You don't want to undo all of your hard puzzle work, so storing the partially-finished puzzle becomes a necessity. But where, and how? With limited space, it's time to get creative.

First, place your puzzle on a sturdy base. Here are some ideas:
• Puzzle mats (you can buy 12x12 sized pieces at any super store)
• Foam core (20" x 30" single pieces available at Staples and other office and craft stores)
•A large-sized self-healing mat, if you have one
• A large, low-walled box (such as the type that cases of soda can be purchased in)

Something to cover up and protect your puzzle during it's resting time is helpful, so it does not get damaged or grimy. Any of the above sturdy base ideas can also be used for this purpose, carefully placed or fitted over your puzzle. As long as your puzzle is resting in a space safe from activity or potential harm, you could alternately use a large piece of heavy paper or kraft paper weighted on the edges, a folded sheet or towel, or a section of an old yoga mat large enough to cover the puzzle.

Places to temporarily store your puzzle
Some flat, larger spaces that might not get a lot of play are great potential puzzle-layover places:
• On top of the fridge
• On a top shelf in the pantry, kitchen or storage room. Since the puzzle itself is light in weight, it will be safe on a high shelf, provided the air up there does not knock it around.
• In a flat file. Flat files can be found at Ikea or architectural and art supply shops. These days, you can probably find some at craft shops as well! And don't forget to try craigslist.
• Under a couch or bed

Congratulations! You finished your puzzle! Now it's time to put your puzzle away for next time.
• Here is a short ehow article on ideas for ideas for safe long-term puzzle storage. There are some good tips here, just make sure to skim over the sponsored links.
• Here's a short, tip-laden article on

For more cool options for storage and transporting, check out:
• Portapuzzle
•the Puzzle Store

Enjoy your puzzles!

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