Monday, September 17, 2012

WIVNTMY: Meet Leah Greenberg

Today, I have a nice, big surprise for you- today is the launch of my artist interview series here on my blog! In all of my years of blogging, this is a first, and I'm so excited about it. Lately, I've been discovering some new-to-me artists that have really knocked my socks off... who am I to keep them to myself? I love to hear a few little nuggets from artists whose work I find inspiring in some way, and I am betting that you do, too! So I have been inviting them to share a little peek into their world with me and you, and I will post the interviewes here on my blog, every other Monday.

Let's start, shall we!

I discovered Leah Greenberg's work on Etsy.
Leah designs and manufactures her own line of greeting cards. (She exhibited at the National Stationery Show for the first time this year!) When I first discovered her work, I was immediately charmed. Her quirky characters, style and her off-beat sense of humor caused me to have the involuntary nod-head-and-laugh reaction. Her comedic sensibility and wackiness is so fresh and her work is just kind of hilarious. I "got" it on first sight. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this girl puts out in the future.

Can you tell us of a favorite creative activity you enjoyed as a child?
I loved illustrating and distributing my own nonsensical comics.

What was your first job or position as a creative professional?
Well, so far my only experience being a creative professional has been with all the work I've put into creating my own stationery line. I showed my work at the National Stationery show in New York last spring, which was a HUGE learning experience. I'm constantly finding out new things regarding the business of stationery and illustration.

What is your current favorite medium to work in?
I am a nerd and i love my computer!  Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, and my Wacom are a trio that rarely let me down. Outside of my studio I can usually be seen doodling in my sketchbook with micron pens.

Whistle while you work: Do you enjoy working in silence, listening to music, a podcast, or a movie? 
I go back and forth between podcasts, silence (when i'm very focused or very frustrated) and movies. I love This American Life and The Moth Podcast, they both keep me interested without being overly distracting. Movies can get a bit distracting, but sometimes if I've seen the movie enough times already I can resist the urge to stare.

Thanks, Leah!

You can see more of what Leah is up to here: