Sunday, September 02, 2012

Please Social Share my Threadless submission...

Hey, happy Sunday! Here's something fun about Sunday— this cute new t-shirt I designed and submitted to Threadless. But here's the sticky part— it has only been submitted, not approved for voting (..yet, I hope).
Your help here could make a big difference! If you click this page, and "social share" the design to your favorite online places, it might help to get my latest Threadless submission approved for voting! It's a mystery to me how they do things over there, but I know that social shares usually help everything (I can't help but think of Mary Poppins' "spoonful of sugar" helping the medicine go down. I must revisit that movie again soon!). So if you like the t-shirt, if you could picture your 4-year old niece loving it and wearing it (I can certainly picture my 2-year old niece in it!) then please Share it thorough the links on this page. I would be SO grateful. :D