Monday, October 08, 2012

A Case Study

Heart Waves iphone case by Kathy Weller WellerWishes
Heart Waves

Who knew I'd enjoy designing / packaging iphones so much?
If you read this blog regularly, you know that a big part of my mission as a creative entrepreneur is to share my art on products, far and wide... on all kinds of products...

But functional, need-it-everyday, use-it-everyday products are extra close to my heart.


Because product art is a huge cross-cultural, cross-class, cross-everything humanity equalizer. Because of that, it's a special and meaningful place in which to work for someone who seeks to creatively inspire others. Hey, everyone needs a note book. Everyone has an occasion to need a greeting card. And while not everyone has a mobile or smart phone, most people do, or will have one at some point.  And they will need a phone case.  Yup, at some point, everyone will need a phone case....

Tulip Drops

So why not have the most fun, most inspiring, most mood-enhancing (or mood-matching) device case possible? Why not express yourself on your phone case? Why not let it tell a bit of your story for you?
I mean, you're gonna need one anyway...

Big Sur iphone case by Kathy Weller WellerWishes
Big Sur

So now, the question is,
what "space" is your case going to transform for you? 

Your headspace?  Your style space?  Your lifestyle space?

What story do you want it to tell?
Starry Eyed Surprise iphone case by Kathy Weller WellerWishes
Starry Eyed Surprise

Do you like it...
Demure? Bold and bright? Modern and minimalist? Classic and unflappable? Tough and cool? Trendy and stylish? Rough-around-the-edges? Super-funny? Super cute? (Both?) Ultra-quiet and majorly modest? 
(Hmmm. I might not be able to help you much there.)

Daddy Long Legs iphone case by Kathy Weller WellerWishes
Daddy Long Legs

 I do love my iphone. But not everyone in the world has an iphone (and what kind of a place would it be if everyone did? We all need a little healthy competition, right?) So I can create cases for several other makes and models of mobile devices, with any of my currently available designs. If this  speaks to you, whisk a quick message to me through Etsy or email 
and I'll take care of your case needs in a jif. :)

List of available devices...

iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS
iPhone 4, 4SApple iPad 3iPod Touch 4SSamsung Galaxy VibrantBlackberry Bold 9900Blackberry Bold 9700 9780Samsung Galaxy NexusSamsung Galaxy S2Galaxy S3 VibeVivid
Kindle Fire

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