Friday, October 26, 2012

Customer Appreciation Day

HOW super-cute is this?!? My lovely customer* purchased the Make Up Forever iphone case from my shop. I was so excited for her to get this case! So, when her case finally arrived, I coyly inquired if I might have a snappity-doo (or two). :D Well no need for shyness, this lady was so kind and generous, she supplied me with a number of photos. Not only that, she Instagrammed. Can you believe? DOLL! (That's a girl after my own heart, right there.) Thank you SO kindly, lovely customer. You really made my entire 24 hours.
*No names to protect the innocent from m♥-bomb onslaught


So, if you've been waiting to order a case to see what they look like first, check it..
they are oh-so-cute and fresh-baked! :D

...Get'cher own Make Up Forever (or another of my glammy-girl) device cases here :)
 Use the code APPREESH to take 15% off your entire order now.
(This is good for a very limited time only-so hurry hurry!) :D

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