Monday, October 15, 2012

WIVNTMY: Meet Hanna Ruusulampi

I first saw Hanna Ruusulampi's work at where she keeps a shop. I found her work immediately stirred nostalgia and reminded me of illustrations I'd been inspired by when I was a kid. But Hanna's work is so much more than nostalgic—it's also really fresh and modern! The pattern, line and intricate details in her work are non-stop fun. She has such an unusual color sense, too.  Love her work! Hope you do, too.

Can you tell us of a favorite creative activity you enjoyed as a child? 

As a child I liked to draw and sew with my mothers sewingmachine.

What was your first job or position as a creative professional?

My first job was an AD assistant at advertising agency.

What is your current favorite medium to work in?

Illustrations are my favorite and I really like fabric design too.

Whistle while you work: Do you enjoy working in silence, listening to music, a podcast, or a movie? 

I like to work at home and silence. Usually I work at night when my family is sleeping.

Thank you, Hanna!




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