Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Large Art Prints

All right! I am now offering large, 13x19 sized prints— Woo hoo! I have three designs up on Etsy at the moment, with more to come (a couple of these photos offer a sneak peek at what's coming soon). I don't believe I have ever offered these large prints to you straight from my studio, until now. (Edited to add: oh wait! Yes I did, for a couple weeks a few years ago. Full disclosure!) 

Please note... the owls above snuck into this pic. But instead of being a big print, they will be a future notebook.

I'm so happy with the quality. They look really bright and saturated and just really great. And since they come straight from my studio to you, you'll receive the highest quality I can provide... (and I'm pretty picky about my prints).

I love this fun monkey print. (It's not posted yet, so yes this is truly a sneak peek!) It's bold, colorful and perfect for a kid's bedroom or play room. Can't wait to have it posted to share it with you!

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