Saturday, October 13, 2012

My jigsaw puzzle family and friends

This is so cool! The other day, my awesome (and awesomely talented) friend Bella Pilar (of Papyrus, NY Fashion Week-and-beyond fashion illustration fame) emailed me this fab photo of our puzzles on the same end cap at Barnes and Noble! I was thrilled to see our puzzles at retail! Her mom snapped the pic - isn't it cool? Check out Bella's puzzles at B&N -- she's got a bunch  - here are Halloween (Stella and Home Sweet Home) and here are her puzzles of everyday awesome fashion girls! Love them!

I also have connected with another puzzle artist on Facebook - Emma Schonenberg, and she's such a very nice lady and her puzzles are cute and whimsical and also pet themed! See her cute puzzle here.

This pic is from one of my Tweets. Her name is Jilly and her handle is Blue Velvet Heart.  Jilly makes cool rock and roll accessories and she's got an Etsy shop where you can buy them. So nice of her to send me this B & N snaperoo. Thanks Jilly! 

This next one is from my local yokel illustrator friend whom I've never actually met in person, Elizabeth Seigel aka Tofu Squirrel. Maybe you've heard of her? She's all over the place these days! Anyway, how awesome was she to snap this IG photo? Love it! Check out Tofu Squirrel's work here. (You'll love her kooky character world— her work is hot!)

And now, last but not least in the least, these snaps come from Erika Yoshizawa of Smile Doggie pet portraits! (Years ago, I had her paint my pugs!) These photos come with a great story. Erika was 40 (that's right! 40) weeks pregnant with her now-born, adorable bundle-of-joy son when she tackled and conquered my Town Tails "Community Bridge" puzzle. I love that my puzzle helped take her mind off of her upcoming (and one-week-late) labor. I mean, THAT'S a HUGE compliment!

Also, lastly, I was just looking at all the jigsaw puzzles available at Barnes & Noble for this post, and I noticed my latest, Witches' Wardrobe, has gotten a review by someone (and I don't even know them! Hee hee!)  I was so excited to see that. Anyway, it's short and to the point. Go check it out! :D


Emma Schonenberg said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your words and posting my name! Truly an honor!!
The photo is amazing!!! I haven't been to the US since the puzzles were released - It's great to see in on an end cap at B&N! :)
Many blessings to you!!

Joyce said...


I've discovered your blog and really enjoy hearing all about your art and adventures.