Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello, and happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I was looking for some festive Thanksgiving art to share with you here, and look who I came across. My Funny Bunnies. They've been in hibernation. I guess they've had a long (very long) winter, eh? These bunnies were a real touchstone for me for many years. They were the subjects of my first line of greeting cards that I produced. This was back when "WellerWishes" was something else altogether -- a teeny-tiny little greeting card company. (Not the mega-mogul worldwide-brand it is today. LOL.) 
Anyway so the Funny Bunnies were my first real business venture. I did some craft shows and I secured some accounts in local retail stores. I was getting my feet wet and I'd never learned anything hands-on about running a business before. Even though this was an amazing first entrepreneurial venture, in hindsight I can see that I just was was not ready to DREAM BIG, REALLY BIG, at the time. To take it to the next level. Maybe it was lack of experience. But I also think I was scared. I can't say by what exactly. Just fear. Which is really funny to me now, because nowadays I do things if I'm scared or not scared. I'm way, way braver now, Thank God. If you keep practicing doing things that are scary, you can sometimes build up a tolerance to scaryness of some of the things. I mean, most things are still scary to do, but, as long as there is no bodily harm involved, I try to do it despite this small annoying fact. Fear is relative, doesn't change the outcome of anything unless you let it.Keep the eyes on the prize. 

I did this artwork above (Wishing Well) six years ago. I would do Illustration Friday frequently at the time, and dream up new situations for the bunnies every week based on that week's word. I did this illustration for the word "might". I love this one, not because I think the art is so spectacular (in fact, it's sort of the opposite- every time I see it I sort of pick out the technical flaws. I really need to not do that, by the way) BUT... what I DO LOVE about this one is the spirit, and the feeling of it, and ultimately the message: May all of your dreams come true, May you WISH BIG and DREAM BIG, May you NOT be afraid to look DOWN THE WELL into the unknown just because you DON'T KNOW what you will find. (Not knowing the outcome is simply not enough reason to not do something. We don't really know the outcome of anything, right?) And of course, last but not least, this piece shows the BRAVERY required for a one-foot-high little bunny rabbit to reach a 5-foot well by climbing up an unstable  4-foot wooden crate. Good, brave bunny!


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