Saturday, December 15, 2012

Making Holiday Ornaments

This year, I decided to dive in to the Blu Penny Ornament Exchange for the first time. I figured it would be a good way to 'force myself' to get my hands a little dirty with art, since I really use the computer a LOT these days. Getting messy is sometimes just the thing to reinvigorate my state of mind. This was just a three-ornament commitment, too— not a big deal, but just enough of one for me  to settle in and devote a few solid hours to the work.

I think my biggest hurdle was the first one: What to make?? After considering several options + ideas, I went with my old tried-and-true sugar-cookie style ornaments.

First, I decoupage my illustrations to the front and back of a piece of wood. Then I embellish with glitter details, lots of varnish, and cute ribbon. Well maybe not everything in that order, but you get the idea.

Verdict: I love how these came out!

Funny how I had no idea what I was going to do at first. All I knew was that I was on a time-crunch and that needed to have them completed by the end of the night. This put me in a tiny bit of a panic, at first. The end of a long work week, and with a busy weekend ahead, I was wondering if I bit off more than I could chew. But then, I remembered "THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. DON'T STRESS." I let go of the worry and decided on the plan for my sugar cookies. They're fun, relaxing and I knew I would be able to execute them within a given time frame. So I focused and went to work, and...Ta-Da! They came out great.

When you are able to slide into that focused, absorbed, auto-pilot mode, it's always a good time. 

Now that I'm done, I kind of wish I made one for myself but I only made one for each of my ornament team members. That's okay though. I have the photos! And giving these will be SO much fun. Plus, I will have my team-mates' cute ornaments to look forward to, in next week's mail! :D 

Happy Holidays!

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