Sunday, December 30, 2012

Professional Failures and Banana Peels

So... are we all Gung-Ho for our BIG PLANS for 2013??


Just one final thought..

This is for mid-February or March, or for that inevitable day in the future, near or far, whenever it happens (and it will), when you get any kind of discouragement— a banana peel in the road of life— on your quest to "Bring It" in 2013...

Rome was not built in a day. And the world does not change in a day.

For every one of the successes we each have, you can BET that we have 1,000's of failures, missteps, and detours.

Translation: We are all Professional Failures! Wear it like a badge of honor.

And then...


Let's kick some of those inevitable banana peels out of our way... or even better yet: acknowledge him, (say it with me "Hello there, Mr. Banana Peel!") pick 'em up, and then do something good with him— make a cute little doll out of the peel, or stick it in the compost pile.

Just don't forget about that banana peel.

Because, if you can get past the banana peel— acknowledge him, maybe even shake his peely hand, if you're feeling generous, tip your hat to him then scurry forward and regain your purposeful stride—I have no doubt that, one of these days, a nice big, tasty banana split sundae's going to land right squarely on your table.

Happy 2013!!

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