Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sketchbook Excavation

This is not the first crate I went through but it's a fair visual
of the task I had before me.
This past weekend, I had to complete a sketchbook-and-journal excavation project. Matt and I are moving in a couple of months, and I have a LOT of artwork, journals and sketchbooks from my college days. So much. I couldn't even believe how much, when I finally had to look! This was a two-weekend project, and this weekend was when I did the bulk of the work. Maybe 6 crates/boxes jammed to the gills with sketchbooks and journals (not counting the painting and larger works which will be saved for another day.)

Back in those days, I drew constantly which is no surprise, but the amount of journaling I did WAS a big surprise.  (Wow.
 I wrote a lot!)

The beginning of the "keep" pile.
a quickie self -portrait sketch
I did a LOT of self-portraits in college. To be honest, I think the reason I drew myself so much was because I was an available model at odd times of day and night. It wasn't out out of some need to 'capture myself' over and over. But, since I still have them, it's kind of neat and I'm glad I kept them. Anyway, here is a really rough pencil. I like this one.

I realize this is just a life drawing of a hand. But it's my hand, and when I came across it, I recognized the hand and I remembered the drawing. I remember that was so proud of this drawing when I did it.
This drawing brought me back to that happy feeling of pride and the feeling of growth that I had then. I'm so glad I found it. :D 

Here are some tiny watercolor experiments I kept. They look pretty cute all together, I must say. Colorful. Plus, they're the beginning of me finding my legs in watercolor (which is mighty cool!)

This is one of the reasons why I kept this stuff. It's history of my creative and personal development... but also, seriously—WHO REALLY wants to go through it? Wouldn't we all rather just leave it in the attic forever, if we could? ;D

Some of my cute little elvin alien girl sketches. Aren't they sweet? Still, to me!

Some college work - lino-cuts. I show these to demonstrate that you not only have to plow through the experimental phases of work (...not exactly pretty) but also to share that working in different mediums is really important to force yourself to do. Even if you drop the medium after awhile, your time spent experimenting helps you to figure out what you do and don't like to do and where your creative heart is.
A big throw-away pile.  Good-bye.

No time is a waste if you just continue to work— even if, in the end, you can't stand the work you made. Trust me, I made a LOT of ugly in my life. Everyone does. The important thing is that you battle through and KEEP working. All of that time and experience goes into the bank. That's good to remember when the well is running a bit dry. Just don't stop working....

Here is one of the big piles I had to go through. I am really, really glad that I went through every single piece of paper. I know it seems a little bit like overkill, but the point of the exercise is to ferret out the itty bitty shred of awesome "keep it" (whatever that may be), from the dump pile.

Look, if I hadn't...

Jamaica, 1993.

I would not have found cool stuff like this - the itinerary from my first-ever trip with my then-boyfriend, now-husband Matt. Back when travel agencies still existed. Awesome!

I ended this day with THREE big bags full of stuff to be shredded. Horray!

...and ONE tightly packed "keep" crate.

On to the next adventure!

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