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WIVNTMY: Paul Pierrot

Pilgrim by Paul Pierrot
View on Society 6
I discovered Jiseo Kim's work, AKA PAUL PIERROt, on Society 6. I was instantly charmed by his combination of craftsmanship, characters, work with icons and symbols, and last but not least his sometimes subversive yet still childlike sense of humor.

Paul's work largely consists of icon-driven illustrations. Some of them sparkle with social commentary and others are just plain fun, silly, imaginative, and way, way cute! (Do you love the introspective, sweet "Pilgrim" bunny rabbit above, like I do?) To my eye, his work touches on Kawaii, French and other influences, genres, and eras— but it's unmistakably original and unique in it's own right!

Don't miss Paul's funny, otherworldly stories—you can sometimes find these little nuggets in the product details in his Society 6 shop. I munch on those stories like a little cookie with a cup of tea!

Can you tell us of a favorite creative activity you enjoyed as a child? 

I really loved to go out with my friends to my house back yard and some mountains and hills near by my place Seoul, Korea.  There were a lots of things to find out and so many new friends to meet and catch!  Frogs and squirrels, birds. Always brought some cookies to feed them- and remember I made some wood bow and arrows with sharp nail on the edge ... but i was too young to be never successful hunting...


Oh one thing more about my art... When i was a little boy around 4 years old, my mother gave a sketchbook and crayons.  Tried to draw too much focused, and even I didn't finished with few lines and didn't like it, so I pulled out that page and started new, second white page, and same and same .. 
so my mother was asking me "are you the one professional artist or not? How come you waste your new sketchbook?!!" Hahaha-  but I never stopped to pull out white new pages and finally I stopped it if I liked my drawing .. I don’t remember, but my mother told me. lol. I think I was really crazy weird little boy.

Night Invaders Crossing by Paul Pierrot

What was your first job or position as a creative professional?

Graphic design. But I prefered freelancing.  Sadly I'm not working in graphic design environment for my living in these days but hopefully I can come back to my art life for full time job some days later. But not with company, maybe full time freelance again. So as you read above, my art life is second job - doing my own screen printing for tshirts if there are some wholesale orders from the boutique shop somewhere in Europe and USA and some other countries. not many quantities as some big fashion companies, but it's really fun that my designs can be sold as a limited unique graphic designer's t-shirt. That makes why i can not stop my art spirit life. 

I need to re-open my homepage ( ) which is for wholesale orders but it's now under construction ... renewal... but happy that some boutique shop owners still keep asking me have any new designs for t-shirt and hoodies to order, and pleased that they introduced me some other shop owners.. it's really big opportunity.

Bon Appetit by Paul Pierrot

What is your current favorite medium to work in?

Usually i'm using digitizer pen on my tablet to draw with photoshop in these days for large prints. 
So digitalized art pieces... Need to put same time and efforts. And somehow it's really hard to describe same like real mediums used, so it's really limitless and experimental with more fun as you know.  
But I figured out it's not really great optimization method like as real mediums for gallery until now. Still less $$$ and hard to make sale when you meet some art collectors after the gallery show.
But the style of popular art methods has been changing and evolved with the time, so hopefully digitalized art ways might be become—more win to all hearts. Of course I'm making doodles on the paper or recycled materials same like other artists.

Black Pond by Paul Pierrot

Whistle while you work: Do you enjoy working in silence, listening to music, a podcast, or a movie? 

It depends...  but i think i need really cozy place for sure.  So cozy place?  Home!  Seriously even I can not and didn't try to draw from out of home since I graduated art college.

If someone is watching me I think I can't draw 100%  same like as I draw usually in these days, hahaha.  For examples, just getting some ideas pops out during the driving with some great music melodies on the way to home, or someplace then oh I need to go home quick- and hurry to drive home like flying- and drawing rough first with silence, and leave for several days later, and think is that really good described or emotional fits for kids and kidults ( Kid + Adult ) - then i'm starting to focus to painting colors or some more details ( I'm lazy lol) during the watching movies, tv news, drama.... 

IT'S YOU by Paul Pierrot


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