Thursday, January 31, 2013


Matt and I will be moving into our new place soon. But before it is inhabitable by humans, an almost-complete interior renovation is needed.

We've been in the midst of this for over a month now. I've never been involved in anything like this. While I knew it would be a new experience and was prepared for that aspect, there's no way I could have fully prepared for the total emo-clash I've got going on. The large project that has turned into a huge one.

Right now, it's all rubble, broken bricks and raw ceiling beams. But things are finally coming together bit by bit, and slowly we are able to envision what is to come.

For instance, when we started, the second floor ceilings were just over 6 head-grazing feet high. Now, they will be 9 feet high! The added height will make all the difference in the world in such a cozy little space.

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