Saturday, January 05, 2013

Try it... You might like it!

This week, I've tried two things I have never done before. 

#1: Avocado shake. I think I tried a sip of one many years ago, but honestly, I never really wrapped my mind around it. The whole idea of avocado + shake, I mean. Well, until the past few years. And then, recently, I've been sort of fascinated with the idea of making one myself. Since I have a Vitamix, there is really no technical reason I couldn't create a perfectly good avocado shake at home.

So... I grabbed a recipe, gathered up the few ingredients, and went for it. WOW! What took me so long?? It was SO good, I know it won't be too long until I make another one. (Maybe tomorrow?)

#2: This soup. And it has a special ingredient: Peanut butter! Ta-DA! That's right. Peanut butter. And... it's amazing!

It's a riff on this recipe. But I add my own style. I can't help but NOT follow a recipe.. which really makes cooking THAT much more fun. My version has curry powder, cayenne, thyme, but NO potato and NO cilantro as the recipe calls for (that's a bunch of flat-leaf parsley on top). I tend to just eyeball everything when I'm cooking. I don't do any formal measuring unless I'm baking really (that is when it really matters)!

The soup came out really delicious, with just the right amount of heat to it. (Which is a lucky thing, because at the time, thought I might have been a little heavy-handed with that cayenne!) It's times like this that I kind of wish I magically had the measurements on a piece of paper, so I can replicate this recipe later. But, that would take a lot the surprise and excitement out of my kitchen fun.

Have you tried anything lately that's new to you? Tell me about it in the comments!

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