Monday, January 28, 2013

WIVNTMY: Megan Downing of Pig & Pumpkin Co.

I first came across Megan Downing on Society 6, then began following her on Twitter. Then, one day on Twitter, she posted a picture of an adorable paperclay sculpture and I was so taken by it's level of jovial cuteness! I knew I had to check out more of her sculptures in her Etsy shop.

Megan's characters are quite  adorable and she's got a lot of offerings between her S6, Etsy, Zazzle and Spoonflower shops. (Her Alice & Friends fabric is simply divine! I am thinking pillow covering for a comfy chair in my soon-to-be-new studio!) Hope you enjoy getting to know a bit about Megan and checking out her super-cute work.

Can you tell us of a favorite creative activity you enjoyed as a child?

I would probably have to say crocheting, drawing, hand embroidery, and web design. Crocheting was always a very relaxing craft for me. I have always loved drawing cute and goofy characters, but when I was younger I used to make hand embroidered designs based off of my cartoons. I still do it some, but not nearly as often. It’s always fun seeing my ideas come to life. 

Most of all, I think web design was my favorite creative outlet as a kid. My dad taught me the basics of designing websites when I was in elementary school and I was instantly hooked. As the years passed, I would find myself staying up all night working on my websites, and I think it really is what got me into digital illustration. 

What was your first job or position as a creative professional?

So far, I have only ever worked for myself (creatively). However, did some graphic design and illustration work for a non-profit organization when I was in college. It wasn’t a paying job, but creative work none the less.  I mostly made brochures for them to give to teens & kids, as well as signs for their clothing room. I don’t do much design work for them anymore, but I do run their website now, which is lots of fun.

What is your current favorite medium to work in?

For my sculptures I love Paperclay. It is an air dry clay and I love how easy it is to use. I like that it allows me to work in layers/stages. 

For my illustrations, I love working digitally. My favorite program for it is Adobe Illustrator. I also love to use my little Wacom tablet whenever I can. And of course I love Photoshop as well. 

Whistle while you work: Do you enjoy working in silence, listening to music, a podcast, or a movie? 

I definitely like to be entertained while I work. When I paint I usually watch shows on Netflix. I try to pick something that doesn’t require my full attention. Right now I’m going through all of the seasons of Murder She Wrote. Gotta love the classics!

For most other things I usually just listen to Pandora radio. My favorite stations right now are Shane & Shane and David Crowder Band. 

I find that when I need to be making Holiday themed art it helps to listen to music to get me inspired. There are lots of great Christmas stations on Pandora. And don’t forget about Easter songs, Love songs for Valentine’s day, even Halloween songs. Sometimes you just have to get in a holiday sort of mood & then the ideas will start rolling in :D

Thanks so much Megan!

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Megan said...

Thanks again for doing this interview of me :) I love how it turned out!

Kathy Weller said...

MEgan thank YOU for agreeing to do it! Your work is so cute and it is so nice to hear about your experience and process!! :D