Monday, January 14, 2013

WIVNTMY: Terry Runyan

Today, I am so pleased to introduce artist Terry Runyan to you. I first discovered Terry's work on Society 6 and was instantly smitten with her cute, quirky style. Then, there's the predominance of funny cats, dogs and other animals, as well as her mellow people and how the animals interact with them. I really enjoy the personality, color palette, texture and line in Terry's work. It is, basically, a symphony of cuteness! Take a little peek, and see for yourself.

Can you tell us of a favorite creative activity you enjoyed as a child?  

I enjoyed drawing...mostly horses.  Most of my creative time was spent pretending I was a horse.  Ha!

What was your first job or position as a creative professional?  
I did the illustration for a book while I was still in school.  It was published by the writer so she needed a student's help (inexpensive.)  Good experience though.  Not anything like the work I do now.  Probably true for all artists after they leave school!  :o)

What is your current favorite medium to work in?
I primarily work digitally.  I do enjoy drawing with a pencil.  Not much into conventional painting although I love to see other artist's work. 

Whistle while you work: Do you enjoy working in silence, listening to music, a podcast, or a movie? Please share!
I work in silence mostly with the background purr of my two little kitty companions Rylee and Tucker.  They like to hang out on my computer desk in their beds.

You can find Terry on the web at the following places:

Thanks Terry!


Terry Runyan said...

Wow! Glad I left those wine glasses in the photo
AND the spray bottle I used to use to keep the kitties
in order when they were younger!
From the looks of it the kitties drank all the wine!! :o)

Kathy Weller said...

Ha ha Terry! We used to use one to contain our rascal pugs from getting into (more) trouble :D !!

Megan said...

Love this interview :) I just recently discovered her awesome art on Society 6 as well so it was nice to learn more about her!

Kathy Weller said...

Megan, thanks so much!! Isn't Terry's work fantastic?? :D