Saturday, February 02, 2013

Beans will be spilled.

So... I have some fun news to share. My newsletter subscribers got the 411 last week (they're always the first to know these things... hint, hint) but it was only a matter of days before I spilled the beans to YOU, my friends!! So, without further adieu here is a little fun news!

I'm a greeting card fanatic (but I know you know this already) and Recycled Paper Greetings has always held a very special place in my heart, ever since I was a starry/arty-eyed teen selling Boynton, Melcher and Englebreit Cards and goods at BeDazzled Upbeat Cards & gifts in the Dedham Mall. I'm now proud to declare that I have signed with RPG and I am now an official Recycled Paper Greetings artist! Yes that's right! Thus far, I have one birthday card design which will debut in their regular line within the next few months. (No I am not on the web site yet and please don't hold your breath on that one - these things take time.) But I will share new cards and further developments with you right here.

Just about EVERYTHING JAPANESE has been a creative influence since I was wee! Yes, I was a little 5 year old with my Hello Kitty mini-stationery and pencils writing and drawing and imagining away, even coming up with my own little characters. Ever since that time I have dreamed of having my art in Japan. Well, guess what? Dreams can come true! In 2012, I signed with Japan agency SCT. The fine people at SCT introduced my art to adorable gift purveyor Bestever Japan and, yes, the rest is WellerWish-story! I am now thrilled to announce the cute-doggie gift line The Kathy Weller Collection with Bestever is set to debut first products in early spring 2013. Yes! Though the goods won't be carried stateside, they WILL be available for purchase online. More info on this soon.


Caroline Simas said...

super excited for you:) yayayay! congrats!

Beck Seashols said...

This is awesome news, Kathy! is well deserved!

Rebecca Collins said...

Congrats! Well earned.

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks so much, Caroline, Beck and Beccs! :D I greatly appreciate your supportive comments and good wishes!! You guys rock!! XO's!! :)