Monday, February 18, 2013


Howdy! I mentioned my partnership with Japanese company Bestever Japan a few weeks ago but wanted to take a moment today to give you a little more of a formal introduction to them and to what they do. Bestever Japan makes cute, and I mean C-U-T-E character products, with a tight focus on breed-specific dogs, and cats. How perfect for me, a former whimsical pet portrait artist turned children's illustrator turned art licensor! Kind of a written-in-the-stars type of partnership, wouldn't you say?

The entire product line is called The Kathy Weller Collection. On the site, they have a nice feature introducing me to the market, on every product detail page.

Late last week, Bestever launched the first of our planned products: train pass cases in six designs. Two doxie, two poodle, two chihuahua. How fun are they?

How cute are the backs of the cases? A different coordinating color, plus my name and copyright. :D

Japan is full of commuters, so they will get a lot of CUTE USE out of these pass cases! My city Boston is also a big commute city, and I cannot wait to tote around my own "T" pass hanging off my bag in one of these adorbie pass cases. They are so sweet, I just LOVE them. Especially the big fuzzy "o". It's like taking your stuffed animal with you every day. (I'll probably have to consciously keep myself from hugging mine in public!)

I've got my eye on the brown Doxie/purple background and the light tan Chihuahua / pink background. My favorites!

There will be more individual product launches around the corner with TKWC for Bestever Japan. Yes, I can't wait, but this is where patience comes in handy! I'm realllly excited about what's coming up— stuff that is especially useful for the cuteness-addicted modern woman-on-the-go. Like you, like me! ...Okay, no more hints.

These are sold only in Japan... BUT, if you simply CANNOT LIVE without one :) you CAN purchase and have it shipped stateside through this link. (They do accept credit cards and they will ship to U.S. via EMS shipping service. I can't speak to the shipping costs from Japan to U.S. are, but I can only imagine that it is pretty pricey. So, keep this in mind. ;))

Anyway, that's all for this Bestever update. More news when I have it! :D


JD said...


I'm an avid fan and love stopping by your blog for a visit. I appreciate your work and have enjoyed reading about your adventures creating artwork and entering the world of art licensing.

Kathy Weller said...

Hi JD, thanks so much for your comment and support! :D I'm so glad you popped by. Thank you. I remember your web site and cute art! :D

Genevieve Gail said...

Congratulations!!! What a perfect partnership for your art- and International too- woot woot! Keep up the great work :)

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks so much Genevieve!! :D :D Appreciate!!