Saturday, February 09, 2013

Nemo: 24 hours Inside out

Here in New England, we're in the midst of the biggest storm in at least a decade! The weather peeps have even named it: Nemo (yep, they're naming blizzards now). Massachusetts declared a state of emergency at 12 noon Friday. The T (our public subway system & my car) stopped running at 3:30 pm. A driving ban went into effect at 4 pm Friday and is now still in effect  (it's Saturday, noon) until further notice.

We've been camping out for 24 hours and I must say it has been a lot a LOT of fun! It's so rare these days that you're forced to sit still for a minute, let alone a whole day. We've been incredibly lucky with no loss of power, not even a flicker, so far. Which means I've been able to keep my iphone charged up to snap up some pics of this frozen moment in time.
Friday night
Saturday morning

I would like some snowshoes for days like this.

The back yard this morning. The aliens have landed, and they have sprinkled fairy dust everywhere! 

First signs of life

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