Monday, March 25, 2013

Another hello

Hello, Happy Monday! I'm going to do a full-fledged apology to you today because, honestly, I have been so off the radar! I have been so busy that I have been neglecting not only my blog but Facebook and Twitter too. (I have been Instagramming though! Not completely regularly but more often than I've been able to do anything else.)

We will be back to regularly scheduled programming (including the missing-in-action Well It's Very Nice To Meet You interview series) as soon as possible. And as soon as I have the time to post a renovation update with photos and scribbles, I will! It's been extremely busy, a mile a minute around here and I'm still recovering from being sick a week ago. Please have faith in me and bear with me! Soon, I'll be back in full (or at least 80%) swing!


Joyce said...

Good luck with all your projects. Renovations can be fun but overwhelming. Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork when time becomes your friend again.

Kathy Weller said...

Joyce, thanks for the support and for your comment! :) We are in a stage that is just so overwhelming! I can't wait until the reno is all done so that can be out of the way and we can just move forward an a set timetable! :) Hoping that is soon ! :)

littlestar cindy said...

hi kathy
how are you ? :)
sorry for reply to late ^^''' I've been a little bit busy recently,

you know ^^...sometime, i saw your cute and lovely blog in the morning :)))

it's really can make me happy all day **^-^**
i love your cute artwork :)))

thank you and very nice to meet you , kathy ^-^

I hope everything goes well with you,
have a lovely day :D