Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blog-pology. (Sort of.)

I'm not a big blog-apologizer. (It's NOT because I don't love you, though. I do.)

Every time I feel like announcing "I'm sorry!" into the bloggy air, I think... for what? For not meeting my own expectations? For being human? Kind of silly, so I try and stop myself.

But, by this time, there IS a certain expectation from you that, after all this time, I will at the very least show up semi-regularly and post something mildly amusing. And I greatly appreciate that trust. So I do my best to do that because 1) I love to blog and 2) I love to share stuff with you. (Duh! ;D )

But sometimes, not ALL the time, not even a LOT... but sometimes, like right NOW, life just goes sort of crazy-busy and things fall off the rails a bit.

I can't complain about a bunch of it-- I am really in a very good place & feeling super (good) challenged with WW work. But (...and, aside from the little thing called my day job, hello!)  I have a LOT of other things going on at the moment too... Namely, the home renovation which has completely overtaken our lives. And while it is absolutely yay-exciting and rah-rah-rahawesome it has also been fraught with unexpected adventures around every corner.... Kind of like living on a rollercoaster. Exciting for a bit but really, really hard to maintain, coffee flying everywhere...

So, if I'm not around as much as I usually am, here and everywhere else, if you're thinking "where's my Wishing Well monthly email?"  No, you didn't miss it in your inbox. It hasn't even gone out. That is what's up.

But... seasons change! :D Pretty soon, the water will be calmer, spring will be sprung, and we will be in a new chapter with all-new adventures awaiting... Looking forward to it!

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