Friday, March 01, 2013

You are going to be just fine

This has been a VERY nutty week for me!  I do not mean nutty in an entirely negative way, not at all.  Just in a wild, "WOW" kind of way. In one week, a lot has happened, and my head is still spinning. (You know me, I always look for silver linings.)

The infringement, um, 'party', which began on Sunday morning provided some natural caffeine of course, as the first thing I woke up to. Then on Monday, I learned I will be having a surgery in a couple of months. I have never had any surgery before, unless you count my wisdom teeth removal! ( Please do not worry though, it will all be fine!!)

In other 'natural caffeine' news, signed a new contract (yay!!!!) with a company that I have wanted to work with for a really long time. So, that's wonderful! I have also been very busy preparing work for presentations for another partner. I love doing work for presentations not only for the obvious reasons but because I love to collaborate and creating something great as a team, and presentations are where all of that starts. Plus there's so much hoping and wishing mixed with great ideas mixed in with elbow grease-an excellent combination! So, I love it.

We saw the new house yesterday and saw some major progress. The walls are all in now, and we have really turned a corner. It's coming along, and I'm hoping things move quickly and we will hit our mark for the move date.

Yes the fun never ends around here and speaking of the Big Move, tomorrow I will kiss my beloved treadmill good-bye. (Cool thing is, it is going to a great new home!) I will also meet a potential buyer for my Bodyguard stair stepper.

Dismantling my workout space was hard to wrap my head around for me. It took some time. But reality did, eventually, set in--we simply will not have the room in the new house. And that is totally okay-I am fine with it. I am getting used to the idea of walking to the gym, working out and walking home. I am even starting to think about what iphone viewing will keep me company at the gym (obviously, Survivor) and what season I want to tackle first (...again).

Edited to add:
Ok so how could I have forgotten to mention this one??  I was recently interviewed by artist Alex Columbo from The Moon From My Attic blog, and it went live this week! I love to share (and to talk, as you know) and I will admit that It's definitely work to mine through all the stuff swimming around in my brain and get it down into some clear  concise readable or at least sensical sentences. But I think I was, in general, successful with that here and I hope you get something from my ramblings (even if it's just a laugh). THANKS to Alex for the opportunity. 

So that's my week in a rather large nutshell.

And how was YOUR week? Tell me!

(Just remember that, regardless, everything is going to be just fine! :D )


JD said...

Congratulations on all the exciting things you have going on in your life!

Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks JD!