Sunday, August 11, 2013

A sunny SOWA Saturday

Saturday, I made a trip to SOWA Market on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. 
Me with the Os Gemeos' ICA mural!

SOWA does a few open markets. This is a newish market and it takes place in the heart of Boston's financial district. The area was underutilized for many years - there was an old T rail above that had not been removed and cast a shadow over the entire throughway. Then several years ago the area underwent a major transformation when the city removed the train tracks above. The project included the infamous Big Dig.) Anyway the Big Dig has had it's share of problems, tragedies and controversies. But, this area of above-ground Boston was changed immeasurably for the better. It went from dark, grey & grimy to it's current state of clean, lush, attractive and bustling. The New England Aquarium, Children's Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, Faneuil HallQuincy Market, and the North End are all within walking distance of this area. Nowadays, it's a great, welcoming space in Boston to explore on a summer Saturday!

So excited to get to the market and meet my friend Amy!

First stop was at the Bon Me truck for a Spicy ginger lemonade and a side of Devilled tea Eggs.
(Nom nom!)
Stooped for lobster rolls at J. Hook 

Then the main (lunch) event: J. Hook + Co. Grabbed lobster rolls and sat outside to eat at one of the umbrella-ed picnic benches. Was so nice!!

On a side note, how funny is this... Matt brought home lobsters Friday night and we had them for dinner! (He was nice enough to do all the cracking and harvesting for me, before we even got to the table. What a guy!! :D)  So... it was a real "lobster weekend" for me.

Okay so after all that eating, walking and gabbing, we finally made it to the tents.  The first one that caught my eye was Twitch and Whiskers.   So just being honest here. It REALLY caught my eye. Translation: I need one of these necklaces!!

I mean, REALLY. These are vintage car parts! (Ha ha. But seriously, they are.)

(If I wore rings on the regular, I'd need one of these, too.) So bright and fun.

Here is Mei-Ling, the woman behind the T+W magic. I love the T+W line: Upcycled Jewelry. Downright Fun. How cute - and TRUE - is that??

These pendants were awesome too. (I'll take one of each please!)
See what else Mei-Ling has in store for you here

Here's Rachel from Sugarplum! This booth had a corner tent in maybe the most visible spot of the entire market. Good for them! I really enjoyed the t-shirt designs but I also really liked the limited color palette, and the simple but effective display of merchandise. You want to see what's on the shirt? Nothing in your way of the designs here. So fresh! You can shop online here. They have more than just t's too. I like this cute pillow! There's also have a walk-in Sugarplum USA store in Connecticut. Click here for the deets from Yelp. I sure love their casual, relaxed and beachy vibe.

If there is a candle or soap shop, I'm there. Here is the first one I saw, and I was magnetically drawn to it. Fifth & Madison. Once you pop you can't stop, right? (Those candle covers, I mean). Hand made soy candles from a "mom and pop" shop with a luxe look and attitude.... and some pretty sophisticated-but-understated scents. Loved the variety!

I took this one home.

Here's me and my friend Amy!

Time came to go home. I took the road less travelled... through a hotel walkway so I could walk along Rowes Wharf before getting on the train.

And how was YOUR Saturday?

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