Monday, August 26, 2013

Everything in its place... almost!

Finally I'm getting my studio back to where it needs to be since moving into the new place. Ever since I've been "back", I have been so busy with work that I really haven't had a lot of time to devote to organizing.

I had given myself a free pass in July to live amongst the boxes, because I just needed to get back to work.  My computer was one of the few things that was set up. So, for the short term, no big deal!

Then, August came, and I got the bug to unpack again. I did do some of that, but then I injured my wrist...

So,... uh-oh, mission aborted. On the subject of the wrist, "this too shall pass". But, for practical reasons,  I do need to complete this room by the time my classes start in a month or so. Otherwise, I won't be able to work at my best. 

Well, this story is "to be ciontinued"... but in the end, I know it will all get sorted out! 

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