Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Smart Creative Monica

I was just over on the Smart Creative Women web site listening to Monica's latest video while I was working. She often has a short promo for Smart Creative Style before her main videos. Hearing this one tonight compelled me to share a little story with you.

I did a major branding "excavation" and "audit" last year, and to support this, I did some coaching with Monica. She helped me get clear on some fundamental WellerWishes things. She asked me all of the right questions... questions I didn't think to ask myself. Hey, maybe they were too hard for me to ask myself. But with Monica by my side helping me to work through them, they were so much easier. Heck, it was actually fun.. Plus, she was able to provide an objective point of view.  Sure you can ask anyone for their point of view. But Monica knows this stuff inside out. She can come at it from the point of view of your target audience which can be hard to do or to imagine sometimes. She will give you detailed feedback based on what you're "putting out there" vs. what your REAL ultimate objective is.  Most of us won't get that type of intel when you ask our significant other or your best friend (sorry, s.o. or best friend.)  Plus, being able to communicate thoughts and opinions and advice in a way that's easily understood and digested by the listening party is kind of half the battle. If we understand the info as it's being delivered, and if it's coming from a place/person/point of view that we "get", it will absolutely seep in a lot deeper, and we will be able to use it more effectively. This is also one of the things she's really good at—articulating feedback in a manner that you can best absorb and assimilate it.

We all know she's really good at the social part (all you have to do is watch some of her videos). But what you might not know that she is even MORE talented at the one-on-one, hand-holdy-but-tough-love, get-down-to-the-nitty-gritty-and-do-the-work part. I'm thrilled about the results I've had and the strides I've made since working with Mon. She was great at helping to remove the grey fog of indecisiveness and ambiguity that can sometimes take over when you do not have a Board of Directors, when it's just you, sometimes wondering what to work on next and trying not to get "dog chasing cars" syndrome while glassy-eyed at the computer. She cuts through the white noise that we (okay... that I) can distract myself with to get to the bottom of what is really, truly important, the core passion of the work. And then, how to take MEASURABLE steps to creating the lifestyle (and, ultimately, the brand!) that wholeheartedly, completely supports that mission. Another plus: Time-management IS addressed. No matter how much, or how little, time you have in the day, or week, that piece is on the table and is worked out.

So all of the above has to do with my experience of doing coaching work with Monica, not my experience of taking SCS (the first run of the e-course starts in late September, and yes, I will be there). But working with Monica is working with Monica, regardless of the delivery method. I know I will ALWAYS learn something new and be enlightened when working with Monica.

This is totally just an opinion post, I know it ended up sounding like a banana split sundae, but I just got a bug to share about my experience with Monica (if you haven't yet discovered her), and about the class (in case you are on the fence)!


Keetha said...

What a great endorsement! I am signed up for the Smart Creative Style class and am so looking forward to it - I've never done anything like this and I am eager to dive in.

Kathy Weller said...

Keetha, cool!! That is wonderful you're taking the course! Be prepared, I know it's going to be good! :D

linda said...

I'm a big fan of Monica as well - could chat forever with her too! LOL! I'll be there in the course too :)

Heather Davulcu said...

LOVE Monica! I've so enjoyed her interviews and meeting her in person I found her to be absolutely genuine and enthusiastic. She is down to earth, kind,, generous, and very knowledgable. I've been thinking about doing the coaching with her as well, and now I'm convinced of what a great step that would be for my business and my personal growth. Thanks Kathy--for sharing your experiences! Consider me a fan of yours as well, darlin. xoxo