Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SOWA Open Market: BENDYWHO Jewelry

I fell into a fluffy cloud of flowery joy immediately when I first came upon Wendy Baker's booth at SOWA Open Market. Wendy's jewelry business goes by the name BENDYWHO. I am not sure how the name came about -- I'm sure it's a fantastic story... perhaps involving Dr. Seuss... but I digress.... The JEWELRY!! Now this is RIGHT up my alley. I felt like there was a magnetic force field that would not let up until I purchased something fabulous...

...and, it is ALL fabulous!

In fact, and this may sound trite, but honestly, these photos do not do this jewelry, or the displays, justice...

Wendy sometimes uses junk to make treasures! Here is an old brass belt buckle. Or, it might be a cabinet pull. Regardless, she rescued it and created this stunning focal point necklace. 

Look at all of these fancy brooches! I don't think these photos do them justice, either. The details and the paint color gradations are really nice on these. And really, they are weathered 'just so'!

Wendy has a great selection of accessories to choose from. It was fun to really mull it over and decide on the perfect accessory for me.... Or rather, wait for the perfect accessory to scream at me, once I laid eyes on it. (And eventually, it did.)

Look at these cuffs! these are cool and quite on trend right now, yet they fit right in with Wendy's visual story. It's perfect synergy when a trend merges so well with your brand that is truly a seamless marriage... Like these cuffs!

Some gorgeous brooches here. I like how Wendy takes her philosophy of trash-to-treasure  upcycling and applies it to her entire display. these brooches are packaged on old paint chip samples from the hardware store. Kinda perfect!

These were a delight to see. Here, Wendy has these neat multi-charm necklaces on ball chains. These were a less expensive price point than her other items at $18 a pop. I love it when an artist really considers ALL of their potential customers, and works to find ways to cover all of the price points that they can with their offerings, WITHOUT short-changing the integrity of their work OR their artistry and effort. These necklaces do this successfully. I really loved these necklaces.

Here is one of Wendy's major masterpieces. A chunky and spectacular crown for your neck!

How adorable are these items displayed? Don't you want to eat up the whole table? I do...

OOH! I see my soul-mates!

..and they now live on my ears!  Like 'em?

Want to check out some BENDYWHO jewels for yourself? Follow her FACEBOOK Page and her Etsy shop.

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