Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I saw at SOWA: Antique Market

Went to SOWA Market today with my fabulous artist friends Gina Perry and Vita Mechachonis. I've been to SOWA so many times yet I have actually NEVER visited EVERY part of the market in one day (Open Art Market, Antique Market, Farmers' Market and Food Trucks@SOWA). Well today I (WE!) finally did. I'll sprinkle posts about a few of the markets and artists, over my next few blog posts. First up is the Antique Market.  :D

Door knobs. I've lived in old houses for most of my life, and vintage door knobs have just creeped into the big pile of disorganized creative inspirations that live in my brain.... not unlike this big pile of disorganized door knobs.

Ah I love old novelty travel souvenir postcards! (Wyoming=Wyomin'. Awesome.)
These old western-flavored ones are just perfect and remind me of ye old Gold Rush bubble gum from my childhood.

Always love these old printed frosted glass drinking glasses. How neat are these with the hand line art, lettering, map art, compass, and anchors.. hey, these are right on trend!

Hello, creepy bartender man!

Mannequin figure with lots of costume jewelry. (Workin' the look! She owns it!)

OH GLOBES! How I love globes. Globes, globes, globes. Wish there were more. Shelves and shelves FULL of globes. (...on second thought, it's probably a good thing there weren't.)

Pile of random stuff... Except for the itty bitty bunny-rabbit-and-chick metal egg in the deep right bottom corner. That is definitely NOT random. (At least it's not random that it's in this photograph.)

Old glass bottles!

Do you find clowns creepy? So many people do! I sometimes do, and sometimes don't, but I am just plain fascinated by the whole clown-phobia thing. Which makes them all the more curious of a subject for art! Cute clown? Creepy clown? You decide. (As an aside, the little taggie sticking up on the middle one looks like a candle wick... these would make magnificent candle holders! Imagine the flickering light behind the clowns head on "creepy movie night"! Cool...) 

I am koo-koo for vintage postcards. I used to collect them. Not officially. I just sort of acquired them over time by default. They would be the thing I was drawn to buying in an antique store. I have never repurposed the ones I collected in the past, and now, I'm really into not acquiring stuff that doesn't scream at me loudly. So I was easily able to resist these... 

Ok. These two were harder to resist. I still resisted though... For today, at least.

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