Monday, October 28, 2013

Make Art That Sells Week 3: Children's Illustration

So I'm gonna be honest here. Taking (1) two intense classes, (2) working my day job and (3) prepping a DREAM PROJECT for launch, all at the same time, is a bit of a challenge. (More on (3) down the road!) That said, I could not be more excited and thrilled by the level and the QUALITY of my busy-ness at the moment. This is high-level, high-quality busy-ness!

This week, in Make Art That Sells class, we tackled Children's Book illustration. I had a tremendously busy week between (2) and (3) and my beloved  (1) 's did take a hit. I'm glad that one of my classes has a little more flexibility every week in regards to assignment due dates, and I will be concentrating on some major catch-up tomorrow and the rest this week on that score. (By the way, SCS is an *amazingly awesome* class for those interested in personal branding and I highly recommend it!)

However each week our MATS assignment has a hard deadline. Sunday, 5 pm. You either get the work in on time, or you don't! So I worked really hard to get my piece in on time. But I did get it in on time!! :D Wahoo!

For our assignment, we illustrated either a cover or an inside spread of the Russian folk tale The Language of the Birds. I did some initial sketching on the Monday that the assignment was posted, but I did not have the ability to pick it back up again until (gasp) Saturday.... Eek?

Luckily my sketching on Monday was high quality work, and the later sketches I created didn't quite capture the same magic and gesture as my first ones from Monday. This is something not uncommon to me when I'm working on an illustration project. It's also part of why I found it so unusual and oddly exciting to sketch bromeliads to exhaustion before I started my final assignment for Week Two (to see some of those sketches, see my Facebook album here ). Anyway, with the Bromeliads, I felt like the more I drew them, the more interesting the results were getting. So that was a good thing! But I didn't have the same experience this week, and I know when to say "when"... so, I knew "when" it was time to get busy!

I powered through my piece on Saturday and Sunday. I finally got my composition set on Saturday. I'd sort of been piecing it together in my head over the week, truth be told! I completed about half the line work by the end of Saturday night. I picked up on Sunday with half the line work and ALL of the painting to do (gasp). This made the possibility for any "new technique experimentation" a non-issue.

But to be honest, I was cool with that! Because (1): I strive to continually mini-experiment in my regular work anyway, so even though I love to experiment, and this class is a big "permission to experiment" for me, it was really, really okay for me to stick with my signature techniques because I in no way feel they are stale and I always seem to find new ways to shake them up! And (2): Since I had an incredibly enjoyable (and challenging!) experience doing my Bromeliad plates for Home Decor week, last week, and I definitely pushed myself out of my comfort zone in a big way, I really maxed out on experimentation last week! So I feel like as long as I'm pushing my comfort zone in some way, it's okay to mix up the HOW, week by week. And this particular week, my comfort zone was pushed by the race against the clock!

Ta-da! So that's the story of MATS Week 3. If you are so inclined, please share your favorite little detail in the comments!!

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