Friday, November 22, 2013

Change is good. (And imminent.)

This post has been a long time coming.
A little back story first... I've been really busy over the past couple months. I've been working on, well, the machine, so to speak. The inner workings of WellerWishes (and also on a nothing-short-of-meteoric, pinching-myself collaboration with a d-r-e-a-m partner that I c-a-n-n-o-t W-A-I-T to share the news with you, when I have clearance to.)

If you visit here with any frequency, you know that I took two classes in October.
(Whaaaat? Yup.)

The first one was Monica Lee's Smart Creative Style. The second one was Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells. Both of these— or I should say each of these—B-L-E-W my mind, in completely different ways. But together, okay...  they were like THE BEST peanut butter cup. EVER. Do you know the old commercial:  "Heeeyyy, you got YOUR chocolate in MY peanut butter!" "Heeeeyy, you got YOUR peanut butter in MY chocolate!" YUP! It was like I was poured into a beaker and put on the bunsen burner in the most extraordinary + remarkable art + branding laboratory EVER. But I was the experiment AND the scientist.

The classes totally—and I mean TOTALLY—complimented each other, in just about every way. Needless to say, I also had to maintain the status quo of daily activity,  so it wasn't exactly smooth sailing. Opposing parts of my brain were fighting for alpha position some weeks, and truth be told I'm still playing catch up a little bit.

But this is where it got really interesting: one class would pose some peripheral questions that were complimentary to your learning in the class, but were not really covered in the class, while the other class was magically putting me to work on them at the same time. Then, the second class posed some peripheral questions complimentary to the curriculum but also not primarily covered in class, and—Ta-Da! — those questions were part of the curriculum of the first class.

For instance, whereas MATS touches upon branding and identity as a very important part of your package, but does not cover the details of that in the class,  in SCS I was totally deeper than I have EVER been working on identity, brand and style and core values and brand traits and business plan, and... I could go on and on. But isn't this post getting long already? And guess what? I'm leading up to something else here to share with you.

(This is where it would not be out of scope for me to ask you to hang onto your hat.)

During SCS class, it became quite crystal clear that my brand identity, was something I was FINALLY ready to revise. To who I am NOW, TODAY. (And believe me when I say, this has been a long time coming.) Today, I am Kathy 3.0 and it is time for me to lead that parade. Like, with a tutu and a tiara. (Or, maybe more realistically, in black boots, knee socks, and a hat with a pom pom.)

Hey... I am still the same Kathy! I am still the same me.  I am just a little MORE... More evolved, more focused, more distilled. MORE ME. (YOU'LL SEE!) And it feels so good to be in this place.


The name WellerWishes, as the UMBRELLA name for ALL of my work, will be changed to a name/title that is more real and true to who I am, on the whole. But the happy news for the WellerWishes name is that it will remain my brand name for my greeting card work that I do. This is truly how the name it started out so many years ago. But at that time, I produced my own cards and sold them wholesale to stores. At the time, I was only WISHING to work with the likes of Recycled Paper Greetings and RSVP. (So, do you see how well the name worked out? :D Pretty good, I'd say!)

Along with this change is another brave, bold, BIG step. Something I have wanted to do for a VERY LONG time, but was, bak-bak, kind of chicken. Well, no more... (drum roll...)

I'm moving to Word Press! For my web site and my blog. So after eight (EIGHT! eighteighteight!) years of blogging here on Blogger, I'm migrating to WordPress.

(Dear Blogger: I LOVE you, THANK you. YOU ROCK. Now this little bird needs to spread her wings and fly!)

This is the last OR the second-to-last post I'll be doing here on the Blogger platform. When I launch Kathy 3.0 (no, I PROMISE that is not my new name) my current links will take you there (except for this particular blogger link, of course -, because it is native to Blogger).

You'll be able to find my site/blog/shop at the usual places: will redirect to my blog in it's new location.

Social media: For now and at least until the last speck of dust settles on my rebrand, I'll still be wellerwishes on ALL social media for the time being. (One earthquake at a time.)

This is happening... and I'll have updates (and, if I can still post here after the migration, I'll post a last good-bye and links here.)

THANK YOU for reading my blog whether you're new here or have been reading since the beginning. I honestly don't know what I did before blogging. It's changed my life for the better and started some real amazingness rolling in my life—creativity, experience, experiments, trying new things, above all, sharing, writing and community. It's kind of hard to articulate it all. But let's just leave it at this:  Let's Go, 3.0!



Heather Davulcu said...

YAY! SO happy & excited for you! Wish I had signed up for SCW class but I understand she's going to offer again in January. thank goodness! I switched over to word press a couple of years ago---you are going to LOVE wordpress!! I've been looking for a way to streamline my blogging and this week set up a feed through mail chimp. Really cool & it fits so nice with word press.
Best wishes on the ch ch ch changes! xo

Derek Karson said...

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