Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Beautiful Booths

More from Fall Quilt Market 2011:
Today, see some of the BEAUTIFUL BOOTHS
that got me inspired and snapping my camera!
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Betz White's booth was comfy and cozy, and just jam-packed with playful and crafty elements. I loved it, I wanted to pull up a tuffet and get knitting, even though I'm not a knitter... See what I mean? Betz and her husband Dave were very nice folks, friendly and kind.  Betz's new collection is called STITCH with Robert Kaufman (see how fun it is?). It's even made with organic cotton and is ready for all of your fun projects, and mine too! I attended Betz's Schoolhouse the day before and she gifted recipients with some swatches - Yay! I unfortunately did not get any good snaps of her Schoolhouse seminar—I was seated in a blocked spot with no good photo-ops. Otherwise, she'd have been featured in yesterday's post, as well.
Jenean Morrison blew my mind again this year. I've attended Quilt Market Houston just twice, but both times, this POWERHOUSE Power Pop artist managed to knock my socks sideways in my boots. Her new collection is fun, punchy, and chock-full of cute "doo-daddy" elements, which I love! (Is that a word?)

Elements of 60's art and design figure prominently, but those elements have been reinterpreted with a distinctly modern vibe that is pure Jenean. Power Pop brought me right back to being six years old on the living room shag carpet, playing with my Barbie dolls and all of their fun clothes! (Barbie always had very modern, cutting edge outfits back then.) Maybe Power Pop brought me back to how the age-six, Barbie-playing me might have viewed the FUTURE GROWN-UP version of me! Jenean succeeded at building an adult Barbie dream house that I never would have even dreamed of. Hey, she won Best in Show for CREATIVITY! It's no wonder.
Anna Maria Horner's booth was comfy cozy and filled with jewel tones. (I love the cute little tuffet underneath the acrylic table!) I really like how she lit the main focal point quilt from behind the couch— very nice touch.


Jennifer Sampou
had a booth that was hard to walk away from. Her Fiesta collection interprets a Mexican aesthetic (one of my favorite cultural themes) with a soft-brushy watercolor touch. Her booth merged bright colors, some interesting juxtapositions of patterns, a lifestyle space, a lush and luxurious texture story containing so many elements, it's hard to believe I did not witness one grabby passer-by (hello multi-colored cabbage roses!). Lastly, there was a fair amount of "white space" (really it was more like light space) which tied everything together and gave an overall wash of peaceful tranquility to the space. It allowed all of the other features of the booth to sing as loudly as they wished! Instead of feeling overwhelmed, the booth cast a magical, strangely relaxing spell on passers-by.

WHOOPS! It's PARSON GRAY, Not Carson...

You can always rely on Amy Butler for a beautiful fabrics and a beautiful boothscape! But NOW look: her husband is getting in on the action too! Parson Gray is the fabric collection of Amy's husband David Butler. Now that is a family business AND a family affair. Cool.

More Mexican inspiration! These are a few of my fa-vo-rite things... WOW, did this Alexander Henry booth blow me away.

I adore Mexican art—it's in my blood! No, I'm not Mexican, but I did live my early childhood in Los Angeles, California. At the time (and possibly still), Mexican cultural influence was extremely strong there geographically as well as in my own daily life. I absolutely LOVED all of the beauty, fun and cultural details so prominent in Mexican culture that were permeated so deeply into the culture of L.A., as well. It is most certainly still with me today.

More Mexican Fiesta fun with Alexander Henry!

I have been a fan of Shabby Chic a long time before I even knew it's creator, Rachel Ashwell, by name! To be perfectly honest with you, that really wasn't too long ago. Well, regardless of *when* I finally put the name with the face so to speak, I do greatly appreciate the look and style of Shabby Chic now, and always have!

Here's a new one on me! I didn't even know who Carolyn Gavin was, until I saw this gorgie collection. Okay, wait a minute... at some point, I must have, since I do generally keep up on the Lilla Rogers roster of artists. But nonetheless, I was surprised and so delighted to find this fun, sparky collection full of cuteness before me. Side note—Did you know that Carolyn designs for Ecojot? Now that is something I *did* know. But, I only put two-and-two together after checking out her blog! (One and the same!)

Hope you enjoyed today's post! My next QM post will be about FUN, FRIENDS
and my own experience of my SECOND time at Market, but my FIRST time
as a fabric designer with my new partners Northcott Silk.

Stay tuned!


Jenean said...

Kathy, thank you so much for featuring my booth on your beautiful blog!! And, oh my goodness, I LOVE what you had to say about it and the fabrics. Can I use that as a blurb somewhere?? You are so awesome! So great to see you and get to spend more time with you this year!

Betz White said...

Hi Kathy,
Thanks so much for coming by the booth and for featuring it on your blog. And I love the couple pic! I think that might be the only photo taken of us. :) Betz

Unknown said...

You are so welcome- I loved your booth and I am very happy to feature it! Your booth totally rocked! I emailed you the pictures! Enjoy!

Jenean, You are so welcome! Gee, I am so glad that what I said resonated with you and your vision for Power Pop! And, of course! My pleasure, "you can quote me on that", Absolutely! ;)

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Jen said...

This is a beautifully polished blog. Inspiring to pour over the pics and I had not a moment to walk around at market, so thanks for the insight and the great write up...You totally got it!!! I really appreciate it. More to come from Mexico as I am working on another line now :)
Bien Hecho y Muchisimas Gracias!!
Jennifer Sampou