Friday, May 25, 2012

More Surtex 2012

I so badly wanted to write a big, three-layer-cake-with-extra-frosting Surtex 2012 post. I'm not even halfway kidding... for one thing, you know I'm capable of it (see this or this), for another, I've been writing it in my head since Tuesday night. But the truth is, I just honestly don't have the time to. I've got too much work to do. And, believe me, I know all too well how to, um,  accidentally spend 3 hours composing a blog post.

So, I've got a few pictures instead.

Above: my 2012 hall-mates, Phil and Kate from Smay Design. So glad I met them this year!

Here are my neighbors (2011 and 2012) Breanne and Jeremy of Brejer. Great neighbors, great peeps, and great art too!

I have a few more pics from neighbors, but I'm waiting on clearance to post them.
So while I'm waiting...

I'll just post more photos of me in my booth ! :D :D

Most (if not all) of these were taken by Stacie of She was working with Emily Taylor of Emily Taylor Design, across from me. They are both so sweet and were so kind and helpful- great neighbors (I've been lucky!) and their booth looked great.

Okay! So now, I have to cut it short (or risk being up for three hours.) So, with that, good night!


Jenean said...

Oh, Kathy, you are so cute! I'm pretty sure I've told you before how much I love your style, but seeing you in these pics reminds me of how awesome you are! If I were a manufacturer, I would totally want to walk up, shake your hand, and make a life-long partnership with you. Not just because of how cool and professional you look, but also because of those ADORABLE flower girls behind you!! Ok, and those sweet Hoots in Hats! Yay for you! Best wishes in the coming months as you work to turn your contacts into deals!

Unknown said...

Aw Gee Thanks Jenean! :D :D :D I am grinning from ear to ear. You made my night! XO

Phyllis Dobbs said...

I'm glad you had a great show Kathy! I look forward to seeing products with your art on them!

Unknown said...

Thanks Phyllis! :D

Maggie Weakley said...

You looked wonderful! Your Booth is amazing~ Wow!!! I bet you will be a busy girl :))))) Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see your wonderful work on products.